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Double Base


This base system greatly increases the effectiveness of the ultimate sorter. With one unit running the base improves both speed and quality of sort, because you concentrate on the feed rate and jam breaking as opposed to messing with the shoe boxes underneath. With two sorters it is best to run them through the standard tray or the 40/38/357 tray. If you have two people sorting (one on each side) you can run all the trays. IMHO speed was increased four fold with one person. Your work area will increase, and you need to have access to all sides for tray changes. I have found that the best method for breaking the occasional jam is to use a painters stir stick as it is the right length and has give. There is an increase in loudness when using the chute so keep that in mind. All in all a great product that will improve our service and quality! Dave Akina
Date Added: 01/16/2015 by David Akina