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The Ultimate Sorter Model 4 - Package Deal


The Ultimate Sorter is well worth the cost. I’m John Heskett, owner and operator of Casings Plus. We clean and sell once fired brass at our www.casingsplus web site. There is just no way for me to buy the multi-thousand dollar machines for sorting brass. Using the hand held sorters works and a person can get fairly efficient with that system. I’ve got to tell you though I wasn’t made for a whole day or two or three of shaking my arms. This is where the Ultimate Sorter really shines. Yes it is a bit faster that the hand held systems but the real benefit is to my body. I didn’t really time it but in a couple of hours I sorted out 300 pounds of brass. The Ultimate Sorter works very well and saves my body aches and pains all at a reasonable cost. Thanks Jeff! Fast delivery too.
John Heskett
Casings Plus
Date Added: 05/20/2013 by John Heskett