380/9MM Sorting Tray - Stainless Steel


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If you have a lot of 380 ACP or .223 Rem and other smaller cases in your brass
you will want this tray!

This tray will remove 380 ACP, .223 Rem (5.56), 32 ACP and other smaller cases from 9MM after using the standard sorting tray. Just change trays and run the contents of bin 1 through the sorter.

Change-over takes about 2 minutes.

This tray is stainless steel with a precision cut acrylic overlay to provide the smoothest operation. The acrylic overlay has an estimated life of over a half million cases. Replacement is easy and inexpensive.

Please note: The difference in diameter between 9MM Luger and 380 ACP is only 18 thousandths (.018) of an inch. Once fired 380s will typically expand and further decrease the difference. The tolerances required dictate that cases will occasionally stick and require some gentle persuation with a finger or small stick.