The Ultimate Sorter

99.5% Accuracy

To determine the accuracy of the Model 1 case sorter we began with a mixed bucket of about 28 and a half pounds of range pickup brass.

The following procedure is recommended and will result in quick and accurate sorting.

The brass was first sorted by the machine resulting in 3 bins:
Bin 1 - 7.57 pounds (9MM / .223 Rem)
Bin 2 - 11.00 pounds (40SW / 38 Cal / 357 Mag)
Bin 3 - 9.61 pounds (45ACP / 44 Mag / 50 AE)
The first sort took under 7 minutes.

The bins were then emptied.
The contents of the original bins were then each put through a second sort.
Each second sort was finished in less than 3 minutes.
Additional sorts of each bin will obviously result in higher machine sorting accuracy.

For test purposes a hand sort was then performed of each bin.
For safety reasons, a visual inspection of all brass cases before loading is always recommended and the reloader would find the exceptions during that inspection.

In addition to what was expected in each bin:
Bin 1 - contained only 6 pieces of 22LR = 99.8% Accurate
Bin 2 - contained 6 pieces of 9MM = 99.35% Accurate
Bin 3 - contained 5 pieces of 40SW, 1 piece 38Cal and 1 piece 9MM = 99.35%

Overall Accuracy - 99.5%

The bottom line...
In about 15 minutes a 28 pound mixed bucket was sorted into
Bin 1 - 730 pcs 9MM & 72 pcs .223 Rem
Bin 2 - 800 pcs 40SW & 220 pcs 38/357
Bin 3 - 700 pcs 45ACP (and a few 44s, 50s and 500s)

Nesting: There were (5) 45s with a 40 stuck inside
and (21) 40s with a 9MM stuck inside.

Accuracy was calculated by weight except final hand sort which is actual count.
Proper sorting / accuracy is determined by quantity of cases that are smaller than desired in a bin.
Nested cases are considered properly sorted.
The Ultimate Sorter performs sorting based upon case diameter. Each bin will also contain other cases of similar diameter.
While this test was carefully controlled and bins weighed during each step, the results are similar to that observed in all our test batches.
The actual results of any particular batch of brass will vary based upon many factors and no guaranty can be made as to the actual results achieved by any user of the product.